Look out for the pet friendly logo

Back in 2012, we noticed that we were often turning pet owner tenants away, even though they met all the criteria required to rent the property. This was all because they owned an often well behaved, house trained pet. As pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, this really resonated with us. And so Bristol’s only pet friendly letting service was born.

We’ve made it easier to find a home for you and your pet by introducing our pet friendly logo. Look-out for this on our Instagram or property pages.

Being a tenant in a pet friendly let

As a Tenant, here’s what The Petting Game strives to do for you:

  • Educate landlords on the benefits of accepting tenants with a pet
  • Make more pet friendly rental properties available to Bristol tenants
  • Clearly display our pet friendly properties when marketing them (look out for the logo!)
  • Offer you exclusive benefits from our official charity partner Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Before you secure the property we’ll discuss:

  • Type of pet, including their name and a picture to send to the landlord
  • The additional clauses added to the tenancy agreement

The Letting Game & Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

In 2018 we joined forces with Bristol Animal Rescue Centre. Our partnership, alongside the buzz around Bristol’s first pet friendly letting service, has attracted lots of media attention.

Our partnership since then has gone from strength to strength, with us successfully finding homes for an average of 25 families with pets, each year. In addition, as of April 2022, The Letting Game’s staff have raised over £1,840 for the charity and we’re not stopping there – we have many more fundraising initiatives in the pipeline for the future, including a charity run.

Partnership with Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

We have partnered with Bristol Animal Rescue Centre, who have been caring for the city’s pets and wildlife since 1887. They are a notable pillar in the animal and wildlife community, and we are so excited to now be Official Charity Partners.

Part of this Partnership means that we are able to give our tenants access to exclusive opportunities and offers:

  • In all move in packs, the Rescue Centre’s behavioural therapist will produce a document offering advice on pet behaviour
  • Free cat microchipping for any tenants who let through The Petting Game

Our pet friendly service hits the news

Bristol’s first pet friendly letting service receives interest from BBC News and an interview with BBC Radio Bristol as our initiative for helping tenants with pets find homes attracts lots of media attention.

Our pet friendly service hits the news

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