Bishopston, Bristol Rental Market

A Guide for Landlords

Bishopston, with its vibrant atmosphere and close-knit community, presents a prime rental market for landlords. This eclectic neighbourhood attracts professionals, families, and students alike, offering a wide range of rental prospects in a sort after area.

Expert Insight

“Bishopston’s diversity is a key attraction. Professionals value its proximity to the city centre, while families appreciate its schools and community spirit. Students also find the neighbourhood appealing, contributing to its dynamic rental market.”

One of Bishopston's gorgeous properties.

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  • Characteristics

    Architectural Diversity

    Bishopston’s streets present a diverse tapestry of architectural styles, offering tenants a rich variety of housing options, from stately Victorian villas to modern townhouses and even a converted church. This eclectic blend creates a vibrant living experience in a dynamic neighbourhood.

    Desirable Location

    Situated along the renowned Gloucester Road, this location embodies a lively and dynamic urban lifestyle. Its accessibility to some of Bristol’s best independent shops, cafes, bars and pubs makes it an immensely sought-after destination for prospective Bristol tenants.

    Cultural appeal:

    While being a peaceful enclave, Bishopston is also home to a thriving cultural scene. Independent boutiques, charming cafes, and local events add vibrancy to the area, offering a delightful lifestyle to its residents.

    Education Opportunities

    Ideally situated for families and students seeking exceptional educational opportunities, this area is close to some good schools like Redland Green (parts of Bishopston fall within the priority catchment area) and access to excellent institutions, making it an appealing choice for those aspiring to high-quality rental properties.

  • Amenities

    Local treasures

    Bishopston is brimming with local treasures waiting to be discovered. From charming boutiques to artisanal shops, residents have access to unique finds and one-of-a-kind shopping experiences that add a touch of character to daily life.

    Culinary delights

    Bishopston’s culinary scene is a delightful journey for food enthusiasts. The neighbourhood offers an array of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, each serving up a diverse range of cuisines. Whether you crave international flavours or savour locally-sourced ingredients, Bishopston has you covered.


    Community and Cultural Events

    Bishopston is a hub of community spirit and cultural vibrancy. Local centres host a variety of events, workshops, and gatherings that bring neighbours together. The neighbourhood’s cultural attractions, including art galleries and historic landmarks, offer residents enriching experiences that celebrate art, history, and local culture.

Bishopston, Bristol rental market trends:

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Strong Demand

Bishopston experiences strong demand for rental properties, with demand often exceeding the available supply. This competitive rental market provides an excellent opportunity for landlords to secure reliable tenants and potentially command higher rental rates.

Diverse Property Types

The Bishopston rental market offers a diverse range of property types, including apartments, flats, and townhouses. Many of these rental properties maintain their historic character while providing modern amenities, making them attractive to a wide array of potential tenants.

Desirable and varied

Bishopston’s rental market is characterized by its desirability, attracting professionals, families, and students in search of high-quality accommodation. Landlords in this area often have the opportunity to set competitive rental rates in line with the neighbourhood’s appeal.

Gloucester Road’s Vibrancy

One of Bishopston’s standout features is its proximity to Gloucester Road, a bustling and vibrant local hub. This renowned high street is brimming with diverse shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. For landlords, highlighting the convenience of this shopping and dining district can greatly appeal to potential tenants, offering them the opportunity to enjoy the local charm and amenities that Gloucester Road has to offer.

Bishopston rental valuation from an expert letting agent

Popular Bishopston

Bishopston is bursting with characterful period properties and modern townhouses. It’s proximity to some of Bristol’s top Schools and Universities, the City Centre and the vibrant Gloucester Road, makes Bishopston extremely desirable.

The Gloucester Road shops are full of Bristol independents
Gloucester Road shops

Gloucester Road has a large selection of fantastic independent bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. This is local Bristol at its best.

ONe of the beautiful Victorian terraces
Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bishopston is packed with period properties, but in particular lovely Victorian Terraces.

Bishopston is nearby educational centres like the
Educational centres

Bishopston has excellent educational options in close proximity. Well situated to take advantage of the Redland Green catchment area and well placed for University of Bristol students.

Stunning streets of Bishopston
Stunning streets

Allot of the roads in Bishopston are stunning. From the architecture  to the leafy green foliage.

Some of the Bishopston properties we let

We let and manage a range of different property types for both professionals and students across Bishopston.

Elton Mansions behind Gloucester Road shops
Elton Mansions, Bishopston rental
Claremont Road, Bishopston
Claremont Road, Bishopston rental
Brynland Road Bishopston
Brynland Road, Bishopston rental
Bishop Road, Bishopston rental
Logan Road, Bishopston
Logan Road, Bishopston rental
Radnor Road Bishopston
Radnor Road, Bishopston rental
Tortworth Road Bishopston
Tortworth Road, Bishopston rental
Elton Mansions Gloucester Road
Elton Mansions, Bishopston rental

Millie’s Clifton Hot Spots


“A walk down Gloucester Road allows you to sample some of the best food in Bristol, and with plenty of pubs lining the street, you have to stop for refreshments! My faves? The award-winning Bishopston Fish Bar, Bosco’s little sister, Pizzuci, and The Grace, perfect for small plates and a pint!”


The Grace is such an incredible little hidden gem in my opinion. From the street you wouldn’t think it has it’s beautiful beer garden out the back, which is a god send in the summer. There is a pub crawl up Gloucester Road, so I’ve heard, that can lead to a fun afternoon!””


“From beautiful home interior stores to specialist bookshops, Bishopston houses some of the best independent outlets in the UK. Ottowin is home to some beautiful shoes and clothes, and Wild Leaf plant shop is a must-visit for your houseplant fix. Fox and Feather is another firm favourite of mine.”

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