Out of Hours Emergency Maintenance procedure

Please be aware that if our office is closed, our Out of Hours Emergency Maintenance procedure varies from property to property. We detail the procedure for individual properties in the ‘Move in Pack’, given to all tenants at the point of check in.

If you cannot locate this information please email your Property Manager, their ‘out of office’ automated response will give you instructions on what to do.

Report maintenance

If you’re a tenant of one our managed properties and you require maintenance to be carried out, please report it through our easy to use maintenance reporting portal. Just click the button below and follow the simple on screen instructions to diagnose and report it.

Tenant focused letting agent in Bristol:

We’re The Letting Game – an award winning letting agency in Bristol. We’re keen to build strong and long lasting tenant relationships, helping you through every step of the letting process. Moving house can be a stressful time, so our aim is to make the process of renting a property as stress free as possible. We aim to take care of you from the moment you start your search through to the time we hand you the keys.

Our usual procedure is as follows:

  • Call us and we’ll arrange a viewing of the property you’re interested in. During busy periods we can receive up to 1,000 calls a day, so please bear with us.
  • We’ll show you around the property – one of our professional Negotiators will meet you there for the viewing and they’ll be able to answer your questions.
  • If you like the property, the Negotiator who conducted the viewing will put your offer forward to the landlord. When we receive multiple offers, all offers are put forward to the landlord, it is not first come first served.
  • Once accepted, we’ll ask for a holding deposit equivalent to one weeks rent to secure the property. When this is received we will take the property off the market and cancel any other planned viewings.
  • We’ll send you our application form.
  • Please complete the form within 48 hours and we will begin reference checks.
  • Subject to suitable reference, credit and Right to Rent checks, we’ll arrange the tenancy signing, payment of deposit and the first month’s rent in advance.
  • It’s time to pick up the keys to your new home! On check in day you’ll meet with one of our team at The Letting Game Head office in Henleaze. We’ll sign any additional documents required and then you can move in!

Right to Rent

We are required, by law, to check that every prospective tenant has a right to rent in England. We will need to obtain the necessary documents and make copies in your presence. If you are a British Citizen, a passport will suffice (current or expired). If you do not have a passport there is a list of alternative documents, please contact us to discuss this in more detail. If you are an EU, EEA or Swiss National you will need to provide us with your share code to confirm your settlement status. If you are an International Citizen you will need to provide us with your Home Office reference number.

If it is found that you do not have a right to rent, we are obliged to inform the Home Office. If you fail to provide satisfactory documentation or you have provided fraudulent documents, we will inform the Home Office and we will be unable to continue with the let. As a result of this you will forfeit your holding deposit.

Fees and deposit

No hidden fees, you can find full details of our fees here.

The Deposit

When we manage the property, your deposit will typically be equal to 5 weeks rent (and not more). When we only source tenants and a landlord manages their property themselves, the deposit amount may vary. Sometimes the Landlord may choose to protect the deposit themselves. Where we protect the deposit, we use ‘MyDeposits’.

We are upfront and honest with no hidden fees

Jargon Buster

At The Letting Game we try not to baffle our tenants and landlords with industry jargon, but from time to time there might be something that needs a little explaining. We’ve put together this handy Jargon Buster to help make things easier.

Bristol letting terms jargon buster


  • How do I report a problem with the property?

    To report maintenance issues e.g. leaks, repairs, appliances, heating then visit our maintenance portal here. You’ll also find a handy ‘report maintenance’ button on our top website menu.

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  • How do I hand in my notice to leave the property?

    One month’s notice must be given to vacate the property. Your notice must be submitted in writing to your Property Manager and in line with your tenancy dates – this can be by e-mail.

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  • What happens at the end of my tenancy?

    Once you have vacated the property, a checkout report will be completed by an independent clerk and this will be submitted to you (the tenant) and the landlord. We’ll aim to confirm a list of deductions from the landlord within 10 days. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the deductions and reach an agreement. If an agreement can’t be reached, you’ll have 90 days from the vacating date to raise a dispute with MyDeposits, who will adjudicate the deductions independently.

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  • What do I do if I have mould?

    We’ll provide you with a mould and condensation guide at the beginning of your tenancy. As a tenant, you have a responsibility to ensure that all areas of the property are properly ventilated and kept clean and dry. If you see signs of mould, you should clean with a mould remover and keep the area dry and well ventilated if possible. This can also be reported to your Property Manager via the online maintenance portal.

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  • Can a contractor enter my property if I am not present?

    Yes, we will make you aware of the date and time that a contractor will be attending with a minimum of 24 hours notice. The contractor will collect keys to gain access should you not be present. You are given the option to reply and deny access and rearrange for a time that you are present.

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  • How often are inspections?

    Your first inspection will be carried out 3 months after the start of your tenancy in both student and professional lets. From there on, student properties will have an inspection every 3 months, and professional inspections every 6 months for the duration of the tenancy.

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  • I would like to extend my tenancy after the fixed term. How do I do this?

    After your fixed term date, you will automatically enter a monthly rolling contract. If you would like to have a new fixed term agreement, put this request in writing to your Property Manager who can discuss it with the landlord on your behalf.

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  • How can I make an offer on a property?

    It’s always best to call in to make an offer, you can fill out an enquiry form but we will need to talk to you to capture some details.

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  • Can I make an offer on a property I haven’t viewed?

    It is important for a property to be viewed, whilst we produce good quality photos we want to make sure you’ll be happy in your new home. It is possible to have someone represent you or to have a virtual viewing but in person will always give you the best feel for the property.

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