Clifton, Bristol Rental Market

A Guide for Landlords

Locally known by some as the Village, Clifton holds some of Bristol’s most sought after rentals in Bristol, making it the perfect location for landlords. From Bristol’s affluent student population, through to professionals looking to tap into the rich cultural heritage, Clifton rental properties are hugely popular.

Expert Insight

“The close proximity to the University of Bristol makes Clifton a hotspot for student lets. Its location makes this area the ideal location for Student tenants. This combined with the beautiful streets, great selection of cafes & bars make the area one of the highest rental yields across Bristol”

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  • Characteristics

    Architectural Beauty:

    Clifton boasts stunning Georgian and Victorian townhouses that exude charm and character, attracting tenants seeking unique and elegant living spaces.

    Desirable Location:

    Situated on a hillside overlooking the Avon Gorge and Brunel’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, the area offers breath taking views and a tranquil environment, making it highly desirable among potential tenants.

    Access to Nature:

    Clifton’s proximity to green spaces, including around the observatory and Clifton Downs, appeals to tenants who enjoy outdoor activities and seek a connection with nature.

    Cultural Appeal:

    Clifton is a cultural hub with art galleries, independent boutiques, and a bustling dining scene. The historic Clifton Village is particularly popular among residents and visitors alike.

    Education Opportunities:

    Clifton is home to Clifton College and the University of Bristol, making it an attractive choice for families and students in search of high-quality rental properties.

  • Amenities


    Clifton offers a diverse range of shopping experiences, from boutique shops to high-end retailers, ensuring tenants have convenient access to their daily needs and luxury purchases.

    Dining and Entertainment:

    The area boasts a thriving culinary scene, with an array of restaurants, cafes, and bars that cater to different tastes and preferences. This variety ensures tenants have access to quality dining and entertainment options.

    Recreation and Parks:

    Clifton Downs provides tenants with ample green spaces for leisure activities, picnics, and exercise. With fantastic views of the suspension bridge up by the Clifton observatory – can also grab a coffee.

    Cultural Attractions:

    Clifton’s art galleries, theatres, and historic landmarks offer tenants enriching cultural experiences, further enhancing the appeal of the area.

Clifton, Bristol rental market trends:

search for clifton rentals
Strong Demand

Clifton experiences high demand for
rental properties, often surpassing
the supply available. This competitive
rental market presents an opportunity
for landlords to secure reliable
tenants and potentially achieve
higher rental prices.

Diverse Property Types

The Clifton rental market includes
a mix of apartments, flats, and townhouses. Many of these properties retain their historic charm while offering modern amenities, attracting a wide range of tenants.

Upscale Rental Market

Clifton appeals to professionals,
families, and students seeking
high-quality accommodation. This demand for upscale properties often allows landlords to set competitive rental prices in line with the area’s desirability.

Consider Parking Availability

Due to the historic nature of Clifton,
parking spaces can be limited.
Landlords should consider offering
parking options or communicate
alternative solutions to tenants who
own vehicles.

Popular Clifton

Clifton is bursting with characterful period properties and contemporary appartments. From the original Georgian features of The Mall, through to contemporary appartments in Clifton Village there is a wealth of variety on offer.

Victoria Square in Clifton
Victoria Squire, Clifton

From the hustle and bustle of the Clifton shops to the beautiful Victoria square, there is plenty to see and do.

Brunel's iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and Wellington Terrace
Clifton Suspension Bridge

What Clifton guide would be complete without Brunel’s iconic suspension bridge and the Avon Gorge views.

Royal York Crescent in Clifton - a lovely rental location
Royal York Crescent

Wherever you look in Clifton you’ll find gorgeous period buildings like on the Royal York Crescent.

The unique character of Clifton
Characterful Clifton

Wherever you stroll in Clifton its full of Character. From the boutiques to the buildings, the views to the green spaces.

Some of the Clifton properties we let

We let and manage a range of different property types for both professionals and students across Clifton. From elegant apartments to student HMOs we’ve got plenty of experience letting in Clifton.

Royal Parade Clifton
Clifton Parade, Clifton rental
Alma Road, Clifton rental
Alma Road, Clifton rental
Caledonia Place, Clifton rental
Caledonia Place, Clifton rental
Clifton Down Road, Clifton rental
Clifton Down Road, Clifton rental
Manilla Road, Clifton rental
Manilla Road, Clifton rental
Meridian Place, Clifton rental
Meridian Place, Clifton rental
Oakfield Road, Clifton rental
Meridian Place, Clifton rental
Park Place, Clifton rental
Park Place, Clifton rental

Millie’s Clifton Hot Spots


“I’m a sucker for a sugar fix, and Anna’s Cakes hits the spot every time. From delicate slices to chunky cookies, this Clifton Village bakery has everything a sweettoother could need, and with beautiful floral arrangements outside, it’s hard to miss.”


“One of my favourite watering holes is The Albion. In the summer months, the garden terrace is perfect for a pint in the sunshine. When winter hits, the coy log burner warms the entire pub as you enjoy your Sunday roast.”


“Clifton is such a special part of Bristol. The incredible architecture and history of the area ensure a pretty beautiful stroll on the weekend”

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