HMO Compliance and Licensing made easy

With over 14 years of experience managing and letting HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) across Bristol and the surrounding area, we’re the go-to HMO letting and managing experts. Below we talk about how our expert team can help support Bristol landlords, which includes our compliance and licensing expert Alex. Whether it’s looking to turn a property into a Bristol (or South Gloucestershire if on edge of Bristol) HMO, to understanding how the requirements for landlords have changed, we can help.

Letting compliance and licencing expert Alex

14 years of Bristol HMO experience

Since taking on our first let over 14 years ago we’ve seen a lot of changes to the HMO market; licensing, compliance legislation and zones developed. Throughout all that change, The Letting Game has been able to offer support and advice to new and existing landlords to make licence applications as seamless as possible. As licensing and compliance experts, we’re able to cater to our landlord’s HMO needs in-house.

Licensing Bristol HMOs

If you’re a landlord and we manage your property, we will take care of the whole process; from applying for the licence to attending inspections with the council, to arranging contractors for the schedule of works.

There is a lot to consider when making the licensing application. So if you are going it alone, it’s important you check local authority rules and requirements, they differ by area. For example, Bristol City Council requires a mandatory licence for properties with at least 3 tenants that form more than 1 household (with shared facilities like a bathroom or kitchen.) With additional licensing requirements for larger HMOs, there’s a lot to think about.

We’re always happy to have a conversation with potential new landlords who are considering going down the HMO route. We can give information and advice on what’s required, or do it all for you!

HMO Compliance Legislation

In applying for the licence, there are a number of considerations, responsibilities and legal requirements for an HMO landlord. From minimum bedroom sizes to fire safety measures, electrical checks and energy performance certificates, all of which are mandatory. 

Whilst it can seem very complex, we’ve got the expertise to make it simple and hassle-free for our landlords. We’re passionate about making the running of HMOs as easy as possible for our landlords. Owning and renting out an HMO can be very rewarding both personally (you’re providing multiple people with a lovely new home) and financially. The Letting Game just takes away the hassle! Find out more about our HMO expertise here> 

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