Bristol landlord news – June 2024

It was a big quarter for news in the Bristol rental market, with the government not getting the Renters Reform bill over the line. The Prime Minister called a general election, which left days to get any final bills through parliament before it was prorogued – this one didn’t make the “wash-up.”  


Renters Reform and the impact to Bristol landlords in the Bristol rental market

This means that any rental reform bill would need to start the process again, so the reform of the rental market is once again up in the air. We would still expect reform of the rental market to be on any new government’s agenda, with the scrapping of section 21’s (the so-called ‘no-fault eviction’ likely to still be front and centre.) Items like the future of fixed term tenancies, court reform, tackling anti-social behaviour, blanket bans, a new ombudsman, digital portals and rent controls will all likely be up for discussion again.

For more information on what was included within the original proposed bill you can read our renters reform post here. Rest assured though, we will keep you informed of any rental market developments as the new political landlord following July’s election becomes clearer. 

Bristol licensing reminder 

Also, a little reminder that the Bristol City Council approved the new licensing scheme, which will come into effect from the 6th of August. You can read more about that in our previous article here >   

Bristol rental market

The Bristol market itself has been largely steady following the seasonal peak of advertised Student properties from October to February. Rightmove data shows that average enquiry volumes across Bristol rentals stayed mostly flat, however, we are now edging towards the summer peak. Average rental values in the Southwest increased year-on-year by just over 9%. We’ll continue to regularly review our landlord’s rent in line with market conditions.

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