Patchway, Bristol Rental Market

A Guide for Landlords

Patchway attracts a diverse tenant base, making it an appealing rental market for landlords. Its location, convenience for commuters, and proximity to essential amenities create an intriguing investment opportunity.

Expert Insight

“Patchway’s proximity to major transportation hubs and local amenities makes it a good location for professional and family tenants. Commuters and families value its accessibility, contributing to a robust rental market.”

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  • Characteristics

    Desirable Location

    Positioned for convenience, this location offers tenants accessibility and convenience, making it a highly sought-after destination for prospective tenants, particularly due to its proximity to Cribbs Causeway, Aztec West, and excellent transport links into Bristol. Its also situated nearby Filton airfield, which is being heavily developed.

    Cultural Convenience

    Patchway benefits from its well-connected status, offering access to local amenities, shopping centres, and community services. It’s appreciated for its practicality, making daily life more convenient for its residents.

    Education Opportunities

    Ideally situated for families and students seeking excellent educational opportunities, this area boasts acclaimed schools nearby and access to excellent institutions, making it an appealing choice for those aspiring to high-quality rental properties.


  • Amenities

    Retail Bliss

    The neighbouring Cribbs Causeway shopping centre has a large selection of big brand retail giants. The area also has plenty of children’s entertainment including a cinema, Airhop and Ninja Warrior. With a large array of Supermarkets within a short drive it’s very convenient for residents when doing the weekly shop.

    Connectivity and Convenience

    Patchway’s prime location offers excellent connectivity, with major transportation hubs nearby. Residents can easily access essential amenities and enjoy a hassle-free daily routine.


    Employment Opportunities

    Patchway is an ideal location for accessing major employment centres in the Bristol area. Situated near Aztec West, Airbus, the Ministry of Defence (M.O.D), and other significant employers. Additionally, the neighbourhood benefits from excellent public transportation links into the city centre, ensuring that residents have an efficient commute, whether they work in Patchway itself or need to access Bristol’s bustling job market. This strategic advantage makes Patchway an appealing location for both employment opportunities and a well-connected urban lifestyle.


Patchway, Bristol rental market trends:

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Steady Demand

Patchway experiences a steady demand for rental properties. The market provides landlords with a stable pool of potential tenants and opportunities to maintain competitive rental prices.

Varied Property Types

The Patchway rental market offers a variety of housing options, including apartments, houses, and town homes. Many of these properties are modern and well-maintained, making them attractive to a diverse range of tenants.

Diverse Tenant Base

Patchway appeals to a diverse tenant base, including professionals, families, and individuals working at prominent Bristol locations like Aztec West, Abbey Wood retail park and even the City Centre. This diversity allows landlords to set rental prices that align with the area’s proximity to major employers and excellent local transport links.

Large Bristol Employers

Proximity to Bristol Businesses and Transport Links; Patchway’s strategic location near Bristol’s major employers such as Airbus, the M.O.D, RAC, and Aviva makes it an attractive choice for potential tenants. Additionally, the area boasts excellent local transport links, providing convenience for commuters. Landlords can leverage these factors when marketing their properties to potential tenants.

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Some of the Patchway properties we let

We let and manage a range of different property types for both professionals and students across Patchway.

Redfield House, Patchway
Redfield House, Patchway rental
Skinners Croft, Patchway
Skinners Croft, Patchway rental
Gloucester Road, Patchway
Gloucester Road, Patchway rental
Blakeney Road, Patchway
Blakeney Road, Patchway rental

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