In the build-up to our 2022 rebrand, we set ourselves a mission of becoming Bristol’s greenest letting agent. We know how important the environment is to the people of Bristol, so we wanted to do our bit. We’ve already become Bristol’s first Carbon Neutral Letting Agency and with our new fleet of electric vehicles hitting the road in July, we’re really pushing ahead. 

We’ve also started to plant ‘The Letting Game forest’ on behalf of our Bristol landlords, tenants and TLG team. Helping regrow the world’s forests, we got going in April 2022 with 350 trees! We plant three trees for every new let; one each for our landlord, tenants & our letting team – another Bristol letting first!

We’re planting the trees in Kenya which has seen over 90% of the country deforested. 

Only 7% of Kenya is covered with forest.

Located on the east coast of Africa, Kenya is known for its wildlife and forests that support its communities. However, these forests have experienced an extreme change in their environment. Human activities such as logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settling to create farmland are major factors of deforestation. This has caused an increase in severe drought and extreme poverty. As a result, Kenya has committed to achieving a 10% forest cover, and The Letting Game is helping to support our partners work closely with the government to help meet these targets.

The planting begins

In late 2019, our project partners started working with the local community, a local forest trust, regional and national government to establish an office, planting sites, and nurseries.

Through their sheer effort to replant and protect Kenya’s forest system despite a global pandemic, planting began in March 2020. In month one, employees planted over 50,000 trees in the Kijabe Forest and along the Northern Coast.  By quickly setting up and getting planting, the project is now the largest, most efficient tree planting project in Kenya. With thirty-eight project sites across the country, the project is re-establishing the water supply; protecting and planting around springs and rivers, restoring habitat for wildlife and stabilising steep slopes prone to landslides. It also helps secure an income for the locals working on the project.

The forest is growing

The Letting Game and its tenants and landlords have helped plant over 3,000 trees and counting. So by letting your Bristol house or renting a home with us you’re helping grow The Letting Game forest! 

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