The Letting Game’s third year achieving carbon neutral


For the third year in a row, The Letting Game is proud to be carbon neutral, showing our commitment to be Bristol’s greenest letting agent. We want to do our bit, also helping our landlords and tenants make a positive impact on the environment. From our fleet of electric vehicles to planting 3 trees for every let, by choosing us you’re helping make a difference and reducing your carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting projects

This year, we have continued to grow The Letting Game forest and we have now planted over 3,700 trees and counting. We are also thrilled to support two additional projects through Carbon Neutral Britain. With new initiatives in England and Pakistan added, and continuing our support in India and Costa Rica – it’s amazing to see how a Bristol letting agent and its clients can contribute to positive change locally and worldwide.

Blue Carbon Mangrove Restoration in Pakistan

The Blue Carbon Mangrove Restoration project in Pakistan’s Indus River Delta Region is the first of its kind worldwide. Over the next 60 years, it aims to restore 350,000 hectares of mangroves, which could remove about 142 million tonnes of CO2e from the air.

But it’s not just about saving the environment – it’s also about helping the local communities. By creating jobs and improving access to clean water, healthcare, and education, it’s lifting up over 70% of the people who used to live in poverty.

Plus, it’s protecting 11 endangered species by fixing up wetlands and managing resources sustainably. And the money made from selling carbon credits goes right back into the community, making sure the good work keeps going. With strict monitoring and high standards, this project sets a great example for global conservation and sustainable development.

Marston Vale Forest Creation in Bedfordshire

The Marston Vale Forest Creation project is doing big things! They’ve already planted over 2 million trees and plan to plant 5 million more to cover 30% of the Bedford and Milton Keynes area with trees. This project is turning a once industrial landscape, filled with clay pits and landfills, into a lush green ecosystem. Initially, the area had only 3% tree cover, way lower than the national average. But with help from local businesses and the community, they’re turning it around by planting trees strategically and managing woodlands carefully.

These trees are not just for looks – they’re expected to soak up over 500,000 tonnes of carbon during their lifetime, making a big impact on climate change. Plus, trees do a lot more than just clean the air – they help prevent floods, provide renewable resources, and make the area look nicer. Creating this forest isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also boosting the economy, creating jobs, and making people healthier and happier.

Other carbon offsetting projects

We also continue supporting the forest planting projects in South-West Australia and Uruguay.

The Letting Game supporting carbon offsetting projects like reforestation on degraded land in Uruguay

The Letting Game goes electric!

As Bristol’s greenest letting agency we’ve got our own fleet of electric Mini’s on the city’s roads. Our expert letting team can now carry out viewings, valuations, inspections, as well as other landlord and tenant services with the use of our green fleet; we really don’t play like the others!

The Letting Game and its electric fleet of cars

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