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We have offset our carbon emissions for the second year in a row. Continuing to help our Bristol landlords and tenants make a positive impact on the world. This year, we’re excited to support two extra projects through Carbon Neutral Britain. With projects in India and Costa Rica added, and continuing our support in South-West Australia and Uruguay – it’s great that a Bristol letting agent and its clients can have a positive impact on the world.

The Letting Game - Driving to be Bristol's greenest letting agent

Energy efficient lighting in India

A project developed to promote energy-saving lighting in India, reducing the electricity and therefore carbon produced through the grid. At the start of the project coal generated around 76% of India’s electricity. The project offsets 35,000 tonnes of CO2e each year due to the reduction in energy use by improving efficiency.
The project aims to get households to use energy efficient lightbulbs, supplied at the same cost as the less efficient lamps. It also looks to educate people about saving energy at home. Helping provide a saving to households, with lower usage therefore money off their monthly bill. Saving on the cost of living is something I’m sure we can all relate to!

Energy efficient lighting in India - one of the carbon offsetting projects we support via Carbon Neutral Britain

Costa Rica improved biodiversity and mixed reforestation

The tree planting project in Costa Rica follows high-quality standards for forests. It’s a carbon offset project that brings benefits to the local community and environment.
This project focuses on planting trees that are native to Costa Rica, aiming for an eco-friendly and socially responsible approach. So far, it manages 2,115 hectares of land that used to be used for cattle. Out of this, 1,280 hectares have been replanted with diverse forests that closely resemble natural ones.
By constantly monitoring all the different life in the area, this project has discovered 70 new species of amphibians and reptiles have settled on the land. And its even helping one of Costa Rica’s most endangered species of tree.

Improved biodiversity & mixed reforestation in Costa Rica - one of the carbon offsetting projects we support via Carbon Neutral Britain

Other carbon-offsetting projects

We are also continue with our support of the forest planting projects in South-West Australia and Uruguay.

The Letting Game supporting carbon offsetting projects like reforestation on degraded land in Uruguay

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