Brislington, Bristol Rental Market

A Guide for Landlords

Brislington offers a diverse rental market, making it an attractive choice for landlords. With a relaxed suburban feel and convenient amenities, it appeals to families and professionals alike. Landlords can explore the opportunities this dynamic neighbourhood offers.

Expert Insight

“Brislington’s blend of suburban charm and accessibility to Bristol’s amenities make it a sought-after location. Families appreciate its schools and parks, while professionals value the convenience, contributing to a robust rental market.”

Views across Brislington and the city of Bristol

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  • Characteristics

    Architectural Beauty:

    Brislington’s neighbourhoods offer a diverse range of architectural styles, from traditional homes to new builds, there are a variety of housing options for tenants within a peaceful and family-friendly suburban community.

    Desirable Location:

    Nestled to the south-east of Bristol, this location offers tenants a serene suburban lifestyle with easy access to city amenities, making it an appealing choice for families and professionals seeking a tranquil yet convenient lifestyle.

    Access to Nature:

    Brislington’s proximity to green spaces, parks, and nature reserves caters to nature enthusiasts and outdoor-loving families. Tenants here have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. With lovely walks around Arnos Court Park, green spaces in Callington Road Nature Reserve or even a walk along the river in Conham River Park, there are plenty of spaces to escape.

    Cultural Appeal:

    While emphasising suburban tranquillity, Brislington also offers a thriving cultural scene with local amenities, family-friendly venues, and community events that add vibrancy to the neighbourhood, offering a delightful lifestyle to its residents.

  • Amenities

    Retail therapy:

    Brislington offers a variety of shopping experiences from the local community feel of Sandy Park Road to well-known retailers on Avonmeads retail park, there is plenty of shopping on the doorstep. Plus, with buses into the City Centre (which for some is walkable) Brislington has retail therapy covered!

    Dining delights:

    The neighbourhood boasts an array of delis, restaurants, cafes, and eateries that offer a choice of cuisines.

    Rejuvenating Green Spaces:

    Brislington offers a host of green spaces and parks for those seeking outdoor recreation and relaxation. It’s the perfect setting for strolls, picnics, or a morning jog. Brislington Park and Arnos Vale Cemetery provide peaceful oasis amid the urban hustle, allowing tenants to unwind amidst nature.

    Community and Culture:

    Brislington embraces its community spirit and cultural heritage. Local centres host events, workshops, and gatherings that enrich the lives of its residents.

Brislington, Bristol rental trends:

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Growing Demand

Brislington is experiencing a growing demand for rental properties, and this demand often outpaces the available supply. This competitive rental market provides landlords with an excellent opportunity to secure dependable tenants and potentially command higher rental rates.

Property Diversity

The rental market in Brislington boasts a diverse range of property types, including apartments, flats, and houses. Many of these properties retain their historical character while providing modern conveniences, which attracts a broad spectrum of tenants seeking different lifestyles and housing options.

Diverse Tenant Base

Brislington caters to a diverse tenant base, including professionals, families, and students in search of top-notch accommodations. This demand for high-quality properties allows landlords to set competitive rental rates that align with the area’s appeal and cater to various tenant needs.

Parking Options

It’s essential for landlords to consider parking availability in Brislington. Due to its historical roots, parking spaces can be limited in some areas. Landlords should explore offering parking options or communicating alternative solutions to tenants who own vehicles, enhancing the overall rental experience.

Around Brislington

Brislington has a variety of properties from beautiful period properties to modern newbuilds. There is plenty of choice for prospective tenants.

From Brislington its easy to commute to Bristol City Centre
Connections to City Centre

Brislington for those that want to escape the City Centre but never be far from the buzz.

Family friendly Brislington
Family friendly

Brislington is a great choice for the family. With a selection of schools, outdoor spaces and nearby activities to keep everyone busy.

The Paintworks in Brislington
The Paintworks, Brislington

From modern to traditional, there is a variety of architecture in Brislington.

Arnos Court Park- Great green spaces to take a walk in Brislingotn
Green spaces

There are beautiful green spaces to take in some fresh air, like Arnos Court Park.

Some of the Brislington properties we let

We’ve been letting and managing properties in Brislington for years, finding landlords a choice of tenant suited to the area. From Victorian terraces on Kensington Park Road to new builds in the Paintworks, we’re experienced at finding good tenants. In particular professional couples and families like this area.

Bellevue Park, Brislington rental
Bellevue Park, Brislington rental
Repton Road, Brislington rental
Repton Road, Brislington rental
Casa Court, Brislington rental
Casa Court, Brislington rental
Kensington Park, Brislington rental
Kensington Park, Brislington rental
Hardenhuish Road, Brislington rental
Hardenhuish Road, Brislington rental
School Road, Brislington rental
School Road, Brislington rental
Bath Road, Brislington rental
Bath Road, Brislington rental
Jamaica Street, Brislington rental
Jamaica Street, Brislington rental

Millie’s Brislington Hot Spots

Food & Drink

“A walk and a pub pitstop is my idea of heaven. Beeses is a beautiful little spot with indoor and outdoor seating. It has seasonal opening, so be sure to check the site before going.

Another option is the Bocabar at the Paintworks. A bar that really fits within the creative spirit of the Paintworks, with some award-winning food to boot.”


“A walk around Arnos Court Park and a stop off at the café in the middle is a perfect weekend activity.”

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