A greener future

We are looking at our team and their processes, from reducing paper usage to investing in a fleet of electric cars to use when travelling across Bristol for our landlords and tenants – we are working hard to do our bit.

Whilst we continue to challenge our standards, there is more we can do – we want to make sure we have a positive impact on the environment and to help our tenants and landlords to do the same. That’s why we offset our Carbon Footprint by supporting carbon reducing projects across the world – supporting wind, solar, hydra and cooking stove projects with a strong focus on offset projects that provide lasting social and economic benefits in developing countries around the world.

Planting The Letting Game Forest

As well as having a positive carbon impact on the environment, we are also planting our own forest! For every property we let we plant three trees; one each for our landlord, tenant & our team – together we’re planting The Letting Game forest! With every let we are supporting sustainable tree planting projects around the world. This is run by local charities ensuring the planting involves native tree species and provides employment for local communities, who are directly involved in the tree planting themselves.

Introducing our electric Mini fleet

When our team carries out property visits there is a good chance, we’ll be doing it in one of our fully electric Minis. Whether a property valuation, viewing, or inspection our team will have access to our fleet of electric cars. Find out more>

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