Getting to know your neighbours can really help you to feel a part of the community you live in.

Not only can you make new friends but there are other benefits of knowing those who live around you.

Neighbourhood watch

Many communities have a neighbourhood watch scheme operating in their area. Think safety in numbers. Stay alert to any suspicious activity and have the peace of mind that your neighbours are doing the same.

If you’re friendly with your neighbours you can let them know if you’re going away, so they can keep an eye on the house for you. Perhaps you could leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour, in case of emergency or to water your plants, collect the mail and vice versa.


If you are expecting a parcel to be delivered but you know you will be out, ask your neighbour if they’d be willing to take it in for you. If there are certain days you know you’ll be home, you can offer to do the same for them.

This can be especially useful around Christmas time, when home deliveries peak and it could save you numerous trips to the post depot.

Minor emergencies

Things that can really spoil your day like a flat battery or locking yourself out of the house can be easier to handle with a little neighbourly help.

If you’ve locked yourself out or lost your keys and have a spare with a neighbour, they’ll be able to let you into your house. If you haven’t left a spare with them but you’re on good terms, then at least you might get a cup of tea while you wait for a locksmith to arrive.

The same applies if your car won’t start. Your neighbour may be able to help you by jump-starting the battery or offer you somewhere to wait until the recovery service arrives.

Lending and borrowing

It can be very useful to know your neighbours if ever you need to borrow something at short notice. Maybe it’s just an egg for a recipe you’re making or a ladder to clear the guttering.

Most people are happy to lend out their tools and appliances to a good neighbour, providing you always return the item promptly and in the same condition as you received it.

Obviously you should be willing to return the favour at some point, if your neighbour needs to borrow anything from you.

Parties & events

If you’re having a party or BBQ, it’s always polite to notify your neighbours in advance, especially if there is going to be music or fireworks.

By pre-warning your neighbours of your event, they are less likely to complain if things get a little noisy. If you get on particularly well with your neighbours and you can invite them along, even better!

If it’s your neighbours having the party and they notify you, then you have the option to make other plans if necessary.

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