Rental legislation and legal notices

There is a lot of legislation in the world of lettings to support both landlords and tenants. Here we explain some of the legal notices and acts within the property industry, cutting through the legal jargon for our Bristol rental landlords and tenants.

Rental legal legislation and notices - cutting through the legal jargon for our Bristol landlords

Renters Reforma big change to rental legislation

Big changes for the rental market! Renter’s reform refers to proposed changes in law aimed at enhancing the rights and protections of tenants. It looks to promote fairer renting practices, and improving the overall rental experience. Without doubt the most talked about part is the scrapping of section 21 notices. Find out more about the proposals.

Section 21 Notice

Often described as the “no-fault eviction“, its a notice issued on behalf of landlords. The notice paves the way for ending an assured shorthold tenancy without requiring a specific reason. This will be abolished when the renters’ reform comes in.

Section 8 Notice

This legal notice is served by landlords to regain possession of a property due to tenancy agreement breaches.

Section 20s (Section 20 consultation)

In the realm of UK residential leasehold properties, Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. Put simply; making sure leaseholders are told of significant works or agreements that may impact them financially. Communication and working together is key!

Section 11 Landlords Obligations

Safe and sound! Its a landlord’s legal responsibility to maintain the structure and exterior of the property, and services like heating, plumbing, and sanitation.

Section 13 Notice

A fair increase! Served by landlords to propose a rent increase during a fixed-term tenancy. This follows the legally required process giving tenants ample notice.

Section 24 Mortgage Interest Relief Changes

Adapting to new rules! Changes in tax relief on mortgage interest for landlords, which impact the amount of tax relief. We offer guidance to landlords to navigate these changes successfully.

Deregulation Act 2015

Balancing rights and responsibilities! This act introduces changes to the private rented sector, including new rules on retaliatory evictions and prescribed information. We keep landlords informed and compliant with these legal updates.

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