Moving rental jargon explained

We like to keep the language as straightforward as possible but from time to time there is unavoidable rental jargon. Here we explain some of the most common rental jargon associated with moving into or out of a Bristol rental. From inventories to check-out.

Move in and out rental jargon


Picture this—documenting every nook and cranny of a rental property’s condition and contents. This detailed document serves as a handy reference, helping us avoid any disputes by capturing the state of things right from the get-go. We use a 3rd party to ensure confidence in the impartiality.

Inventory Clerk

Our meticulous wizards! These skilled professionals conduct thorough inspections, documenting every detail of the property’s condition and contents to create a comprehensive inventory.


The grand moment when we hand the tenants the keys to their new Bristol home. Making sure that everything is as it should be, IDs have been checked and any final details have been ironed out before the move-in.


The farewell, where the tenant moves out and we assess the property’s condition against the initial inventory. We aim for a smooth transition and ensure both landlord and tenants are dealt with fairly.

Inventories and Check-In/Check-Out Reports

Capturing the details, protecting all parties! Inventories and check-in/check-out reports document the condition of the property at the beginning and end of the tenancy. We conduct thorough inspections and provide detailed reports for the benefit of both landlords and tenants.

Fair Wear and Tear

Fair wear and tear refers to the natural deterioration of a property or its contents that occurs over time through normal usage, exempting tenants from responsibility for repair or replacement.


Wear and tear or something more? Dilapidations refer to damages or disrepair to a property beyond normal wear and tear, which the tenant may be responsible for repairing or compensating the landlord.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

A fresh start for everyone! End-of-tenancy cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of the property. We can facilitate professional cleaning services, ensuring the property is left in good condition for the next occupants.

Professional Cleaning

Gleaming homes for happy tenants! Professional cleaning involves bringing in experts to ensure the property sparkles before new tenants move in or after they vacate, creating a fresh and welcoming environment.

Void Period

A void period is the time between tenancies when a property is unoccupied. We work tirelessly to minimise void periods and ensure a smooth transition from one tenant to the next.

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