Meet The Letting Game’s Marketing Manager Bradley

Bradley joined The Letting Game as Marketing Manager  in January 2022, with over 15 years of marketing experience working for big well-known UK Brands. Having spent his career in larger organisations, Bradley wanted a new challenge in a role where he could influence across the broad world of marketing, in an organisation looking to be the best in their market, so he joined us!

Bradley Rennie - Marketing Manager for The Letting Game

Meet Bradley, Marketing Manager

“I moved from Norwich to Bristol in 2012, initially living in Redland. I’ve built a great group of friends through joining a Bristol Downs League football team. I love Bristol, particularly the independent shops, restaurants and pubs. I try to support local businesses like Pawsons (fruit and veg) and Dave Giles (butchers) on Gloucester Road. So, it was great when the opportunity to work for a Bristol Independent came along.

Working for The Letting Game has been a great opportunity to work for a company striving to be the best. I’m proud to be part of the team that won the allAgents award for best Bristol letting agent and the 3rd best in the UK.”

What have you been working on?

“Since joining The Letting Game I’ve rolled out our re-brand which I believe strongly represents who we are; a Bristol independent, professional, expert business thats proving we don’t play like the others. We are working hard to improve the world of lettings for our landlords and tenants alike.

The rebrand included a brand-new website, which I’m proud to say ranks us at the top of Bristol letting searches. We’ve also introduced a ‘first look’ of our landlord’s properties on Instagram (flattering to see some competitors trying to copy.) I believe our properties are the best presented on the market, with professional photography, unique descriptions, and virtual tours.

We were also very aware that the people of Bristol are very conscious about the environment and their impact on it, something we care about too. So, we set a target of becoming Bristol’s Greenest letting agent. Whilst there is more we can do, we are now Carbon Neutral, we’ve gone electric with our fleet of Minis and we even plant 3 trees for every let we do. One each for the landlord, tenant and our team – we want to make sure we do our bit for our clients.”

What’s your favourite thing about working for The Letting Game?

“It has to be the people! I work with a great bunch who are always willing to help. It makes me proud to work with a team that represents the brand and our values so well. They really are hard-working and dedicated, with expert knowledge and experience of the Bristol rental market.”   

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