Landlord Check List

Gas Safety Certificate – Gas appliances need to be checked and a certificate needs to be issued yearly. If there is no gas in property, no certificate is required. The Letting Game provide these for a cost of £60 plus VAT.

Mains Electric Test – This is a test on the electrical installation in the. They last 10 years. This isn’t the law but it is seen as a duty of care.

PAT Tests – Any item that a landlord has that has a plug should have a PAT test carried out on it yearly. This isn’t the law but it is a duty of care.

Deposit Protection – By law, all deposits now need to be protected. This can be done through MyDeposits, TDS and The DPS. The tenant can dispute the deductions at the end of the tenancy if they don’t agree, in which case an independent adjudicator looks at the evidence and decides if the deductions are fair. The Letting Game uses Mydeposits to protect tenant deposits. The cost of this is £40 plus VAT.

Professional Inventory – With reference to the point above (deposit protection), it is highly recommend that a professional inventory be carried out. This is because you require evidence of the condition of the property before the tenant(s) move in. If a dispute is raised by the tenant, a landlord will not be able to prove a before and after condition and the tenant is very likely to be award a full deposit refund. The cost of an inventory varies according to the size of the property.

Energy Performance Certificate – It is the law that an energy performance survey must be carried out on all properties that go on the sales or rental market. They last 10 years. The Letting Game can organise these for £65 plus VAT.

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