Bristol Property Management Expert, David

David joined The Letting Game in August 2021, with a background in facilities management in the hospitality, leisure, and sports sectors. He has brought a wealth of Customer Service experience, making sure our tenants and landlords get the service they deserve.
Progressing to the Head of Property Management role in January 2022, David is in the process of reviewing the company portfolio, customer service, and improving our processes in the property management department, really embracing our value of “striving to do more”.

David McKeown our Head of Bristol Property Management

Meet David, Head of Property Management

“Originally living in Glasgow, I moved to Bristol over five years ago after visiting occasionally, both professionally and socially. I love the city for its diversity, constant buzz and independent feel which reminds me a lot of Glasgow.
I’m passionate about helping our Bristol landlords and tenants, which is easy with one of the best property management teams in the UK, and the best in Bristol. The Letting Game has been managing properties across Bristol for over thirteen years; from flats to large HMOs, student and professional tenants to landlords in the UK and around the world. I love working with my team to manage our landlords’ properties and keep our tenants happy.”

What’s the team like?

“There is never a dull moment in property management, whether arranging repairs, helping our landlords improve living conditions for the tenants, or keeping up with the latest legislation. One of the most recent legislation changes is the increased importance placed on Carbon Monoxide monitoring within rental properties. The key requirement was having alarms installed or repaired by the 1st of October 2022 or risk fines of up to £5,000. I’m really pleased to have been able to look after this for our landlords and give the reassurance of a safe home to our tenants. We have recently inspected our landlord’s properties, tested Co2 alarms (arranged repairs when required), and installed any without, making it easier for our managed landlords to comply with the new legislation and our tenants to feel safer in their homes.”

My property management team

Sheila Pugsley is our Head of Bristol Property Management - one of our experienced experts
Sheila Pugsley
Senior Property Manager
Kieran Hackett one of our expert senior Bristol property managers
Kieran Hackett
Senior Property Manager
Tanya Senior Property Manager -
Tanya Paul
Senior Property Manager
Alex Case one of our expert senior Bristol property managers
Alex Case
Senior Property Manager
Rachel Morgan is our Deputy Head of Bristol property management
Rachel Morgan
Property Manager
Adriano Giacovazzi one of our expert Bristol property managers
Adriano Giacovazzi
Property Manager
Taran Sooriya one of our expert Bristol property managers
Taran Sooriya
Property Manager
Anna Sage - our compliance and licensing manager for professional, corporate, student and HMO lets.
Anna Sage
Compliance and Licensing Manager

What’s your biggest property management success story?

“With a large portfolio of properties and a range of services, we’ve experienced pretty much everything in the letting world.
The highlight this year; building and maintaining a strong, confident, and independent property management team. They’ve remained consistent with their performance, adopting new processes, dealing with changes to legislation, and onboarding a large portfolio. All this whilst delivering a great service.
Property management has a wide variety of responsibilities managing compliance, licensing, maintenance, and notices to name a few. Being a fast-paced and reactive part of the process, we have dealt well with the demands of our large portfolio.
The team is continuously working on ways to improve our service for tenants and landlords, working collaboratively with our clients. So, if you’re looking for expert and hassle-free property management, give The Letting Game team a call.”

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