Bristol City Council’s rental licensing proposal

Bristol licensing changes

Bristol County Council consulting on new licensing requirements for Bristol rentals

The changes aim to drive up the standards within Bristol’s private rental market, through licensing requirements. There are already some Bristol landlord licensing requirements in place:-

New licensing proposals for landlords Bristol properties

So, under the new proposals, the requirement for an additional licence will be extended to the whole of Bristol. It will also see Bishopston and Ashley Down, Cotham and Easton wards added to the selective licensing requirement. 

What does this additional licensing mean for Bristol landlords?

Well, the biggest element is that there are certain standards and conditions that a property must meet in order to be rented to tenants. A Council inspection will happen at least once within the 5 year period that a licence is granted for. To get more details on these standards, you can visit the Bristol County Council website.

Have your say

It’s worth pointing out that Bristol City Council are asking for feedback from those affected by these changes via this survey. The survey will close on the 7th November 2023.  For those landlords we manage, we’ll provide the support needed to get their property licenced. We’ve even got our own licensing and compliance expert, Alexandra Drake, whom you can talk with. We’d also be happy to have a chat about how we can help our let-only landlords, and even those not currently with The Letting Game. 

If you want to talk to an expert about renting out your property and the licensing required, give us a call on 0117 9898 215.

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