Warm Up Bristol is a new four-year initiative from Bristol City Council, designed to help make your home cosier and cheaper to heat. As energy bills soar, the only long-term way to protect against rising costs is to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Warm Up Bristol has secured government funding to help achieve this. We’re working with our delivery partner, Climate Energy, and wherever possible, local installers and other organisations such as the Fire Service and Bristol Water, to offer you a range of improvements that may make your home warmer, safer and save you money.

Find out how you can benefit

There are up to 45 measures on offer ranging from solid and cavity wall insulation to double glazing, draught proofing and new boilers. There’s something for everyone*, whether you’re a business, home owner or in private rented accommodation.

To take advantage of our initiative you will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Green Deal Assessment (GDA) for your home. Energy Performance Certificates are required when installing loft and cavity wall insulation, and for a boiler replacement if on qualifying benefits. A Green Deal Assessment is required for all other measures and will be charged at £49 per house.

Register your interest by calling 0800 107 4100 or 0117 379 0203 to find out what’s on offer for you.

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