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The Letting Game are proud to offer a room letting service in Bristol

There is a growing trend of landlords wishing to maximise the return on their investment by letting out their property on a room by room basis. Letting rooms individually brings a higher rent return than a property let as a whole unit.

This model is however, not without its flaws. For example, letting out four rooms rather than a whole unit is four times the work and takes four times the management.

The Letting Game are at the forefront of Bristol’s letting market and now have two services geared up to cater for and support landlords who choose this option.

We understand the risk, time involved and potential problems in having multiple individual tenants within a property, so our services are based on sourcing and providing quality, professional tenants.

The Letting Game

Room Letting Service

  • We will carry out a market appraisal of your property and give strategy, safety and legal advice.
  • We will fully advertise your rooms via comprehensive internet marketing, links to relocation companies and via matching to our database of ‘HOT’ tenants.
  • We will arrange and carry out viewings.
  • We will reference and credit check prospective tenants.
  • Guarantors supplied if required, with signed covenant.
  • We will sign the necessary legal paperwork with the tenants (tenancy or license agreement)
  • We collect first month’s rent and pass to you minus our fee.
  • You will then take over management.

Room Management Service


  • Moving the tenants in on move in day, giving them the keys to the property, inventory (if supplied) and their signed tenancy agreement.
  • The collection of rent from the tenants by standing order and the transfer of monies to your account.
  • Monthly statement detailing rental payments.
  • Regular outgoings on your behalf deducted from rental payments.
  • Agreed periodic inspections of the property followed by a written report (usually every 3 months).
  • Updates to keep you abreast of any queries or emergencies generated from the tenants' neighbours or third parties.
  • We will manage any emergency repair or maintenance work which is deemed necessary and carried out by one of our approved contractors.
  • Ensure that the necessary safety compliance checks are in place, and arrange for them to be brought up to date where necessary, with any outgoings deducted from monthly payment.
  • Make contact with the tenant two months before the end of the fixed term tenancy and ascertain their intentions.
  • Issuing Section 21 notices where applicable.
  • Extension of Assured Short Hold Tenancy agreement if applicable.
  • Manage the moving out of the tenants at the end of the tenancy period and ensure that the inventory and condition of the property and all utility issues are dealt with.
  • The assistance in any dispute between you and the tenant over loss or damage of the property beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Collection and storing of the tenant's deposits with appropriate approved Government scheme at your discretion. An additional fee of £66 including VAT is charged if this option is chosen.

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