Corporate Lettings

We provide a dedicated corporate lets service to interested Bristol companies. We remove the time consuming job of finding homes for company employees away from the employer and the employee. We will introduce employees to quality local property and top Bristol landlords. In turn, landlords can be safe in the knowledge that we will find them the highest quality, corporate and professional tenants.

Since our company’s start up, we realised the importance of offering our landlords quality, professional tenants. Companies now come to us to find homes for either staff relocating to Bristol or current employees moving within Bristol. Using these contacts, and building on experiences gained, in 2011 we launched a dedicated corporate lettings service; aptly named ‘The Corporate Letting Game’.

We have established long standing relationships with many of the regions landlords and developers. This service benefits both parties: Landlords receive a flow of corporate tenants, while companies and employees receive a free property search solution from our experienced staff. We can even present properties to our corporate clients before the rest of the market even knows they are available.

Corporate Lettings

How It Works

For Companies

The Corporate Letting Game likes to keep it simple.

If you are a Company who employs people in Bristol or relocates employees to Bristol, then we will do all the home hunting for you, for free.

We are totally flexible on how we determine your requirements, we can call you every week or month for an update of your needs, you can pass on your employee’s number so we can get in touch directly, or you could fill in one of our forms and send it to us via email. It really is simple and it really is free.

Present us with your property, and we will send the details to all potentially interested parties. Standard fees apply, but remember, a quality tenant can be as valuable as a high rental return.

What’s the catch?

There really isn’t one. To us, tenants are highly valuable, and providing quality tenants is a key aspect of our business model. We want to present our landlords with the best tenants. We want to build on our reputation of supplying quality tenants at fantastic prices. That’s why we offer this service to companies, for free.

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